Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Setting up Samsung’s iPOLis Mobile App for the SDE-4100

Setting up Samsung’s iPOLis Mobile App for the SDE-4100.
 I created these instructions out of the frustration of not finding any help online and also never able to get Samsung tech support of the phone (they were always closed when I called). I don't claim to be an expert but this is what worked for me.
*Before starting these steps, you should have already installed your cameras and DVR and have verified that they are working via a locally connected TV/monitor. Ensure that you have your DVR box connected to your home router.
1.       Register for a DDNS account with
b.      Register for a new account (sign up).
c.       Accept both agreements and click next.
d.      Complete your registration and then log into your account.

2.       On the MY DDNS page, select Product Registration.
a.       In the Product ID field pick a unique and easy to remember ID that identifies your DVR setup (i.e. lastname, home1, work1, etc). This will be your host address. ( example
b.      Classification is Urban Security.
c.       Model number is SDE-4001
d.      Complete Setup

3.       Unless you get a new Samsung DVR system, you should not have to go to this site again.

4.       On your Samsung DVR, go to the Main Menu > Network and modify note the following fields:
                                                               i.      Configure a static IP that matches the subnet of your network.
                                                             ii.      Hit Apply
b.      PROTOCOL
                                                               i.      Make a note of the TCP, UDP, and Webviewer port(s). (TCP 4520-4524, UDP 8000-8160, Webviewer 80).
c.       DDNS
                                                               i.      DDNS Site:                       iPOLis
                                                             ii.      Host Name:              
                                                            iii.      User Name:                        Whatever you picked as a unique product ID in 2a.
                                                           iv.      User Password:                                You will be unable to fill this in.
                                                             v.      DDNS Host Address:       This should auto fill with
                                                           vi.      Hit Apply

5.       Log into your home router.
a.       Under Application and Gaming (Linksys/Cisco) click Single Port Forwarding.
                                                               i.      Application:        HTTP
                                                             ii.      External Port:    80
                                                            iii.     Internal Port:     80
                                                           iv.      Protocal:              TCP
                                                             v.      IP Address:         The static IP of the DVR you setup in step 4ai.
                                                           vi.      Enable:                 Yes (Check)
                                                          vii.      Click Apply/Save
b.      Under Application and Gaming (Linksys/Cisco) click Port Range Forwarding.
                                                               i.      First Entry (ref  step 4b)
1.       Application Name:           Samsung TCP
2.       Start – End Port:               TCP port range in step 4b (4520-4524)
3.       Protocol:                              TCP
4.       IP Address:                         Static IP of DVR system (step 4ai.)
5.       Enable:                                 Yes (Check)
                                                             ii.      Second Entry (ref step 4b)
1.       Application Name:           Samsung UDP
2.       Start – End Port:               UDP port range in step 4b (8000-8160)
3.       Protocol:                              UDP
4.       Enable:                                 Yes (Check)
                                                            iii.      Click Apply/Save.

6.       At this point, you can log into and view your DVR system through a web browser outside of your home network by going to You will be prompted for a username/password. The default for this DVR is username ADMIN and password 4321 You should change this password ASAP!

7.       Download the Samsung iPOLis App from either iTunes or the Android market.
a.       Launch the App after installed.
                                                               i.      Select Device List
                                                             ii.      Select Add Device
1.       Name:                  Whatever you want to name it (home, work)
2.       Model:                 SDE 4 Series(08CH)
3.       Host:            (step 2a)
4.       HTTP Port:           80 (default)
5.       RTSP(TCP) Port: Last port in your TCP port range (step 4ai)
6.       Camera:               Whatever cameras you want to view
7.       ID:                          Default is Admin
8.       Password:           Default is 4321
9.       Hit Save

8.       On the Device List, select your device.

9.       Congrats! You should be seeing your camera system.


vrosario63 said...
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harry fall said...
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Reece Chambers said...

My DDNS>DDNS Site only gives me four options: Samsung DDNS,,, and When I try to login to my iPOLis app it says "The DDNS server is not connected to the device." Do you have any suggestions?

Key Lime 314 said...

You rock!! finally I can view my cams away from home on my iPhone!

Chris Hicks said...

I followed your instructions, and I can view it from any computer on the internet, but when using the Samsung Ipolis iPhone or Android app, it keeps telling me the ID or password is not correct. I am using the admin name and I changed the password. I can log into to the bo from the web with the exact same password and it works fine. I have a samsung sde-3003n with the latest firmware and using the ipolis 2.0 app. Anyone have any thoughts on this?

Ches Blogg said...

Chris try the login user/pass all lower case

Chris Hicks said...

Tried That. From what I have read, the 2.0 update of iPolils messed up alot of people with this same problem. Looks like a handfull of DVR models have the same issue. Is there another (universal) app that will work on iPhone/Android that can work with the Samsung box?? From what I read, most boxes have proprietary apps that go with their boxes, but what do the cheap Ebay-style boxes use as an app, or do they just view over browser only?

Anonymous said...

This was very helpful until I got to the router setup. I have a netgear router and there is no gaming or application section. I am able to do a single port forward but that is all. Any ideas?

Thank you!

floridaracerx said...

I've tried for awhile now, and d-day is here.. need to get my same system working with ipolis on my phone..
I have DSL 10mb into a provided wireless router, then LAN into a netgear 6300 router that i connect to wireless and DVR is also connected to netgear 6300..

how would i go about setting up both routers to forward the dvr data to my public ip and making the ipolis work properly

NetterRod said...
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NetterRod said...

floridaracerx, I am curious as to why you have a two router setup? Are you perhaps setup with a bridged network?

nobraon said...

just called samsung tech support and they said that there is an issue with the app (ipolis) that prevents it from working on teh ipad, iphone and all other android systems.. they are aware of it and working fast to resolve the problem (don't hold your breath)

Dan Schlimme said...

I am currently trying to get my netgear WNR2000v3 configured to work with ipolis. I only have as an option for ddns.
I have the ipolis account configured, but i keep getting an alert that says my ip needs to be registered.
Any tips on what i need to do?

jkl said...

Well, I found all your help notes to late, but my head will heal from the bashing. Question is mailing service set-up.SDE-4001. on SMTP page. Using Gmail as an example....I entered "", Port "465", my "username@gmail", my "PW", TLS yes and an email address....keeps failing, any thoughts.

jkl said...

Update to my last post. I did include ".com" in username, just forgot to type is above

Christian Zgaljic said...

So i have the SDE-3003 version of this system. It has the same setup as far as network connection.
The issue i am having is as follows. The portfowarding of :80 works, and i see the web interface when using my external ip address. But the full functionality doesnt work and i see the following No response on the interface. obviously 123... is a fake ip address but that represents what my external IP would be. any ideas?


Christian Zgaljic said...

jkl use the following settings

port: 587
use authentication check
user: your email at gmail
pass : u know
secure transfer : TLS(if available)
sender : same email as above

and you should be good.

William Bors said...

I have followed the steps and altho the netgear setup is differant I think I set it up right by forwarding all 3 ports giving the http 80 a range of 80-81 but still can not even see in a browser please help

Cliff Stone said...

I currently use a Samsung webviewer address to view my camera's from remote computers, but can't access them through my iphone. If I do the iPolis setup to view from my iphone, will I need to use it to view from remote computers as well?

eyeless said...

Anyone know of a way to connect to the Samsung DVR in a Mac browser (or Mac software)?

Kellmerph said...

I used your post to set up my network properly...THANK YOU! But the problem I am running into now is that my phone will work when on my home wifi, but not when I go away from it. So whether my phone is on LTE or wifi (other than home router) the error message pops up and says "Cannot Connect to the Network"

Any Suggestions?

Eva Smith said...

Hi! sir

i read your article that's very useful for people and I can know about the computer that what does that do and more things.
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ChubbyGuy said...

Worked perfectly!!!! Thank you for posting.

prateik said...

it says on on the status but whenever i try to connect with clicking on that tv symbol it just cant connect it.

WebMaster said...

Thank You! Finally I can view my cameras using IPolis on my iPhone.

Kevin O'Brien said...

I'm having a few issues. First off, iPolis is telling me that my IP is not registered. I don't see a place to register an IP. When I type in, a box pops up saying that I need to register the device. On iPolis, it says that it is registered, but the status is OFF. Also, when I am in the DVR settings, I can't test the email smtp. The test box is not able to be pushed to allow for a test. And, the iPolis android app does not connect to my username. No idea why these issues are happening... Anyone?

Talal Sadiq said...

Thanks for the brilliant guide. Do you have any experience with Audio output in Samsung DVR's?

Scott Taylor said...

Great post, to Chris Hicks, I had the same problem with the 3003, I needed to do a firmware upgrade, it worked after that. Also for a Netgear Router, just use the Dynamic Setting and it should link up.

Kurt Hoppe said...

Just about to say I am having the same problem as Kevin - when finally it worked! I had to use IE instead of Chrome, but finally have video stream in the browser. Next stop is mobile app... fingers crossed.

Monish Swamy said...

When I go onto my add application settings on my router menu the only inputs that are told to be entered are: Protocol, Port Range, Translates to..., Trigger Protocol, and trigger port. :S Not sure what to input here, any ideas?

Luis Santos said...


I wasted a lot of time trying to set up this till I found your post.
Again thanks

William Weesner said...

When I click on the camera icon it say ip not registered please register your product???? I did everything to the letter or so I thought . Any help would be appreciated. It is starting to get the best of me.

Gadget Surplus said...
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Stephanus Malaihollo said...
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scaisse said...

Just an FYI, after a year of successful operation, iPolis mobile on my iPhone stopped working when I upgraded to version 2.3 yesterday. But, still works on my iPad with identical settings after also upgrading iPad to version 2.3. Tripl checked all settings, but can't get iPhone to work anymore.

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Benjamin Cowen said...

Cannot find iPolis in the ddns settings. No-ip and Samsung ddns but no ipolis

Benjamin Cowen said...

Cannot find iPolis in the ddns settings. No-ip and Samsung ddns but no ipolis

James Lynn said...

I had the same prob. Try this: Turn off DDNS, under network, change static IP to Dynamic. Write down the new IP address (should start with 75). Download iPolis mobile app. Select IP instead of DDNS. For Web port, put 80. For RTSP port, you MUST put 4524. This is key. Anything else doesn't work. Then you should be good to go.

Orange Ford said...

I have a 3100. It works fine on iPhone apps and logging in remotely via browser from work, but i cant log in from any computers in my house on the same network for some strange reason. Any thoughts there?

cyberdotone said...

In order to use a web address, your router must support local loopback. This has been removed from most routers for security reasons...

You will need a separate configuration with the lan ip address.

IP Camera said...

Ive got an sdr 4101 with 5 cameras attached. When I log into my Andriod mobile device I get the spinning icons and camera names appearing, but then I get a "CONNECT FAILED" message on each of the display windows.
I can view the cameras remotely via a web-browser so I know the DVR and firewal/router settings are working. I just cant seem to figure why the Ipolis app doesnt let me view the cameras
The Ipolis mobile app is version 2.3.2. Should I update the DVR firmware which is now at version 1.00h?

aldo_guzman said...

The Stupid thing does not work why do I have the sdh-5200 and no luck. I port forwarded but the P.O.S does not want to use a port at all.
I called for tech support and they fucken lied when they said there was a login screen to my router! There cameras workbetter than their remote vieweing. Im so pissed It F**king Costed a ton of money!

Dave Mock said...

I am a Sys admin and the one thing you must do when selecting the RTSP port is you MUST use the LAST port...not the first one. So...if your port settings in the DVR say 4520-4524...You must use 4524.

leesie said...

For those (like me) whose dvr does not have the option for under the DDNS, I received a reply from Samsung tech support: "Unfortunately your dvr will not be compatible with samsung ipolis. You have a dvr unit with older firmware that will not allow you to use the free service. You do have the option to setup alternative free services like no-ip at"

raza raz said...

.Here's what you need to know, You can call SamSung customer service ,they can dial into your computer and do the port forwarding for you, if you having hard time. The instructions given above have one mistake, when sitting the IP address of dvr, it is not your subnet mask, it should be similar to "ipv4" address(to access this info type in the cmd "ipconfig"), and your default gateway, only difference should be the last digit(s)should be out of range from subnet mask and "ipv4"for example your default gaway is and "ipv4"is, you should not set your address from 2 to 19 ,it should be like or anything above. Now other big issue facing people ,first, check your ports on sites like to see your ports are open, then go in the dvr settings to lower the resolution of the live transmission, to very low, if that works good, then try normal. Then on the Ipolis app ,select only 4 cams at a time or less. this should fix the black screen on ipolis app, but not on internet explorer.

jaime rivera said...

Excellent Instructions... I spent three days trying to set it up until I found this post. Thanks for sharing!!!!

Damien said...

Yo, for those who have routers like NetGear AC6100 that do NOT have separate "Gaming" setting, just setup BOTH the "TCP" port 80 (internal & external) as usual, and ALSO setup "Custom Port Range" under that Custom setting; then make it "4520-4524" (both TCP/UDP <- that is the default), and of course, point it to your internal Camera PC's IP address. And, in the iPhone iPolis app, make sure you choose "4524" as the port for the app on the iPhone and it works like a charm. You still need GOOD signal, like 2 or more bars, so don't expect miracles if you are not getting good 4G speed, that could be some of the issue. Cheers!

RGV Art Comments said...

Thank you so much! This worked for the Samsung SDR-3100. My Netgear router did not have specifically a Gaming and Application section, but it did have a Port Forwarding link on its own. Worked like a charm. I can see through iPolis app on my Samsung Note 3, my mother's Windows phone, my father's iPhone, and via the Internet Explorer browser. In the phones it works for either DDNS or Manual IP features! I tried them both.


Kitty said...

Thank you so much! This worked for the Samsung SDR-3100. My Netgear router did not have specifically a Gaming and Application section, but it did have a Port Forwarding link on its own. Worked like a charm. I can see through iPolis app on my Samsung Note 3, my mother's Windows phone, my father's iPhone, and via the Internet Explorer browser. In the phones it works for either DDNS or Manual IP features! I tried them both.


Kitty said...
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Dan Fraser said...

Thanks for this, helped me.

tommy g said...

Worked for me as well - the key was to deal with port forwarding for ports 4520-4524. Thanks!

Unknown said...

Kevin: I am having the same issue. Did you ever find a solution?

Natalia Antoszek said...

I've set everything up and downloaded the app on my phone and connected. It only works when I'm at home and my wifi is on. I need it to work away from home or there's no pointvof having these cameras. Can anyone help?

John Miller said...

I talked to someone at samsung about 2 months ago and they told me that the building that housed the servers overseas had burned down and they were working to fix the problem. Still working on it I suppose.

Marquis Vawter said...

Thanks for the instructions, they work for IExplorer and for the ipolis on thing probably noted by others is that the subnet static IP instruction is not clear. I guessed and used my fixed IP for my home network. The gateway, I used the router 'gateway' address, not my ATT gateway address. I have a SDR5100 DVR, so had tried in vain for a week to set up IE and iphone 5c app--but now it works.

Alex Gold said...

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David Whang said...

I have the exact same problem. Have you figured out a solution yet?

Theresa Abrams said...

I went through all of the above problems except my system is 250 miles away in a remote cabin in Utah and it is not easily fixed. It took me 2 years and dozens of special trips to work the bugs out. However, I am now having a completely different problem so advice is appreciated. On August 6, 2014, it stopped sending emails and recording. I was able to reset it this weekend but once I got home to Las Vegas, it does not recognize the DVR and it is not recording. I am able to access the live cameras and do setup remotely but no viewing of past events. It's a static IP and all the configuring is correct. It simply does not show the DVR in the set up screen under System Device. Any ideas?

glenster13 said...

Ok so when I switched routers to comcast routers I got ipolis app to work when the phone is on 4g but when I'm connected to my on wifi it will not connect and sometimes we check the cameras when we are at home. I'm sure it's some stupid setting but not sure what?

Chuck Lenz said...

The suggestion by James Lynn on Oct 13, 2013 only provides access from within your house. Once you leave your house, this configuration fails. Does anyone know how to set up the system so cameras can be viewed from a smart phone when you're not at home? Raza raz on Feb 14th seems to offer a different solution but I cannot follow what is being suggested.

Chuck Lenz said...

I found another blog for setting up DVR's and one of the suggestions made was to use the WAN IP Address when trying to access the DVR remotely. I tried this but this didn't work either. I started out at 6:00 am with the original suggestions at the beginning of the blog, received some technical assistance from Verizon on setting up the router, and it's now 8:05 pm and I'm still not able to access the dvr remotely.

Chuck Lenz said...

I launched (as suggested by Raza Raz) and found out my current IP address is This is yet another IP address for me to write down on my yellow pad of paper. So which IP address should I use for accessing my DVR? So far none of them have worked: Default Gateway, IPv4, DVR, WAN and now my chicken IP address. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Chuck Lenz said...

I launched (as suggested by Raza Raz) and found out my current IP address is This is yet another IP address for me to write down on my yellow pad of paper. So which IP address should I use for accessing my DVR? So far none of them have worked: Default Gateway, IPv4, DVR, WAN and now my chicken IP address. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Chuck Lenz said...

When I attempted to log onto name I received a "Webpage not available" error message with my WAN/ IP address in the error message. What does this mean?

Chuck Lenz said...

When I attempted to log onto name I received a "Webpage not available" error message with my WAN/ IP address in the error message. What does this mean?

Chuck Lenz said...

Per Raza Raz's suggestion, I changed the static IP address to something greater than 21. I used My router continues to recognize the DVR. I have tested the connectivity ad it passes this test every time. But now even after I used this new static IP address, I still receive the "Webpage not available" error message when I attempt to access the DVR.

Chuck Lenz said...

I rebooted my router and now I have lost connection with my DVR. It is no longer showing up on my router's network. Seems like Raza's suggestion of using an IP address of greater than 21 will not work. I'm going to switch it back to 3 from 24.

Chuck Lenz said...

I changed the DVR's IP address back to and it's showing up on the routers network list again. Connectivity between the router and the DVR is good. But I'm still not able to access my DVR remotely. Does anyone have any suggestions?

raz j said...

Are you trying to connect via web browser ? You need really fast internet service otherwise you will see a blank white page . Download the ipolis app and lower the live transmission quality in dvr setting .If all fails , I recommend calling samsung help line ,they can fail into your computer and go over the settings . Your ISP won't do much .

Jeff Millard said...

Putting the DVR in a DMZ on my Cisco router worked. This basically opens up the DVR entirely to the internet rather than opening up just the ports it needs. So clearly we don't have a complete port list that the DVRs need. Anyone have guidance of how to see what ports are being used in this openned up mode so we can just open those via port forwarding and lock it down a bit more?

alex said...

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William Bradley Franks said...

i found that ipolis was to complicated and use works great from web or from smart viewer. Works with chrome but not fully functional.

Jason Carmichael said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Jason Carmichael said...

This guide is still working:

Just read the setup-guide.

Do not use DMZ, not needed.

If you have your settings in your DVR all dorked up from trying 386 different settings just reset the DVR to factory settings and start over. From the DVR, System, Sytem Mangement, Settings, Default. The admin password is now back to default 4321.

I have a somewhat complex network, and just set the DVR to be static IP, just do that to avoid all the possible IP changing, and use that IP for the port forwarding, put it up real high so you can, 1 remember what it is, and 2, it is out of the way from the rest of the network.

Make sure your router that does the port forwarding is the one directly connected to the modem. If you have OOMA, put OOMA after the router.

port: 587
use authentication check
user: your email at gmail
pass : u know
secure transfer : TLS(if available)
sender : same email as above

and you should be good.

December 5, 2012 at 8:19 AM

You will get a notification that a "less secure apps" is trying to log in from google.

After telling Google it was me, the test on the menu system indicated succeed. Finally!

Unfortunately only the Mobile app will show the video. The web interface app allows complete control, but absolutely no video. :(

The only web browser that I can get to install the interface is IE and only in compatibility mode.

Dan Fraser said...

Thanks Jason for the mail settings. These worked for me.

Lauren said...

I cant even get past the registration, I keep getting an error - pop-up " cannot use a password contains your ID" Ive changed my password and user ID a hundred different times, and still get this pop-up - and what the hell is RTSP Port? I cant find info any where? very very frustrating

Stephan said...

Classification is Urban Security. ...

Jose Buenabad said...

I want to thank you so much for posting this blog.

I wouldn't have been able to do my connecting without it.

I wish Samsung's directions were clearer and better like yours.

FYI and for your audience. Sometimes, the ip will change for no reason, and then you have to reset everything and start from scratch. At least, that has been my experience. So, I had to reset the router back to it's original settings and reset the connection and then we were back in business.

Awesome Work and Thanks Again!

Cobus du Plessis said...

Thank you very much! Works like a charm!

Michael Pettingill said...

K, I need some serious help here...heads about to explode. I have an SDR-B3300N. Under the 'Connection Mode / Interface' section, this is what I have:
IP Type: Static (I changed it because some of my other stuff requires a static IP)
IP Address: I'm using the static IP of my router
Gateway: My local IP (192.XXX.X.XX)
Subnet Mask: 255.XXX.XXX.X
DNS: I didn't change this one, its still 168.XXX.XX.X

Under "Port":
Port 80
Secure Transmission: OFF

In my router:
Port Forwarding: IP of the DVR as it showed up in a scan (i.e, 192.168.0.XX)

I'm assuming I've got this wrong at some point...any help would be greatly appreciated. If it would be

Michael Pettingill said...

Never mind...Samsung finally helped rather than putting me on hold for an eternity.

fresita moxa said...

i need help every time i'm trying to connect DDNS it just said please restart router and i did that but it never connect it. i try to connect to my phone and it say that RTSP Port is not correct please help help help

Unknown said...

I have b 3300n everything works great but in my cell conection faild and if i torn off wifi same problem please help

vabna islam said...

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rosa ramos said...

My ipolis application finaly started working,but as soon asI leave the house and try to view it,it says connection error. I can't even use the web browser to see them,it says web page not!

rosa ramos said...

My ipolis application finaly started working,but as soon asI leave the house and try to view it,it says connection error. I can't even use the web browser to see them,it says web page not!

fastcars said...

If you have a single port forwarding, then need to create 5 individual for each for tcp 4520 - 4524

James ROWSE said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
James ROWSE said...

Hi, I have a Samsung SRN-472s, I can view via the webviewer on my LAN - I am having big problems setting the NVR via my router ISP BT infinity).

I am registered on the Ipolis DDNS but when I log on it keep saying 'IP not registered'

Does Samsung have a Tech support in setting up the NVR?

Can anyone help??

Ed - Uk

Mstead21 said...

I can view on wireless but soon as you try on mobile data it won't connect.... Any ideas... Samsung dvr dvr-476d

Mary Walker said...

The information given in the article about Netgear Router Password Change. I have bookmarked it so that I could use it in future.. visit:- Netgear Router Technical Support also call Toll Free No 1-800-231-4635 For US/CA.

Lystra Lewis said...

Everything was working just fine but now I'm getting this message "Cannot connect to network. Please complete the device setting at your next access", tried everything in your instructions....please help!

Lystra Lewis said...

I am using a Cisco router model SDR 4100

tornado4u2 said...

I've just signed in to thank you for the procedure, I own a sdr-73300n and there is no useful instructions whatsoever in the CD or their web site, it must be wonderful to live in a country of geniuses not needing any kind of help at all, where you don't even need to follow instructions to make something work. Awful "Shame" on Samsung and their miserable customer care and instruction booklet, after many years on the business you would think they at least, care a bit about their customers who supply them with green cash over all. well live and learn.
After spending 3 days trying to figure out internet access to and from this crap, you have me rolling in less than 5 minutes. Well done mate, well done! Next round it's on me! ta da!

tornado4u2 said...

Lystra you must forward a port to the dvr's ip address as per the instructions, and set on the ddns window on the DVR to "static" if you have a router on DHCP (dynamic) that's all to it. and the password it asks is the main admin pass.

Anonymous said...

This is really kicking my butt however yalls comments have really helped me. I can see my cameras in my living room bed rm, and phone as long as I am home on my wifi. I can't see my cameras when I'm not at home from my phone or any computer or tablet. Puuuuhhhhhh driving me crazy. Can anyone help me

MP10RDY said...

1st off great write up, unfortunately for me i had figured most of it out (after weeks) before i found it.

So my input on some of the unanswered queries since.

The ipolis app in settings has to be set to ip or DNS for it to work i.e. if set to ip it will work on your home network or the network the dvr is connected to, but not over 4g and visa versa - if set to DNS it will work over 4g but not on the wifi. you can flick between them.

I have managed to get the web viewer working on my mac book pro through firefox, no tweeks needed, i just installed fire fox and it worked.

The one i can't get to work is e-mail notifications through g-mail!!!!!! i have tried everything to name a few:
- ports 25, 465, and TLS port 586.
- with and without "TLS if available" selected
- i have inputed the details correctly as per the instructions in this post
- i have changed settings in g-mail to allow less secure apps
- Enabled 2 step verification and generated specific 3rd party app password within google

But nothing works.

Out of desperation i created a Yahoo e-mail account and that doesn't work either.

Im pulling my hair out with this one!!!!!

Unknown said...

On my mobile android app, i can see cameras 1 thru 10, but 11 thru 16 cintinues saying connection failed

JHINDLEY said...

Thank you so much for your help.
Thank you for taking the time to write down your steps to success.

I too was totally upset but the amount of crap info or indeed total lack of info out there.

Samsung info - forget it
I emailed them - no answer

Thank you once again so much - really appreciate it

Frank Pipolo said...

Actually, not sure how the hell I got mine working, but somebody said about it working on ip for home network and ddns for outside. I got it to work for both on ddns this is what I did.

got a sdr 3100 on spectrum with arris router

1) go into dvr and make connection (mode) dynamic IP, bandwidth unlimited, DNS auto. I figure if power goes down you could be f'd as you could be assigned another IP but hey I will deal with that later. Your IP address will be grayed out take note of it.
2) Hit Ok let it write to router
3) go to protocol tab - get the webviewer, tcp, udp number like above and take note
4) head off to (will be redirected to whatever the hell the site is now) and open your account and reg equipment)
5) get the app
6) go back into the dvr under network>ddns and do your ipolis account info and hit quick connect. should say success
7) go into your router and port forward your webviewer, tcp, udp ports using your ip of the dvr
8) open app and use auto add device for address type use DDNS and use your DDNS url.

should work from there.

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